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The Road To Wellness…

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Hi, I’m Shiila.  More than a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Right from the start, I never opted to choose the conventional treatment due to the deaths of my late husband, Cesar, who died of colon cancer, and my sister, Becky, who died of breast cancer. They both weren’t spared by the […]

JOHANNA ESGRA, Analyst, 31 years old

by amwellness2015

Having lived and worked at the city used to take a toll on my health. I had allergies, dysmenorrhea and monthly flu. In my 20’s, I was generally vulnerable to any disease. A great deal of research from topical products to fad diets had been done but was still experiencing the same cycle. Somewhere in my mind I […]

WENG LLENOS, OFW, (Personal Secretary of the Princess in Saudi Arabia)

by amwellness2015

Working in the field of marketing and a single mom is quiet stressful. You have to juggle your time between office work, meetings, further studies and family. It came to a point that stress took a toll on my health. I had to take prescription medicines for my sinusitis, migraine and other problems I felt that is already slowly […]