I came to the Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Cebu in 2011 to attend a 12 day detoxification program, and again in 2012 to participate in a 30 day Training cum detoxification program. The first time I came, I was diagnosed with fatty liver , and difficulty sleeping. I also needed to lose a few pounds as I was overwieght from my normal body weight by about 20 pounds. Losing weight has been one of the greatest challenge I ever made , having tried a number of methodologies and diet.

During my first stay of 12 days in 2011, I lost about 8 pounds and during the second time where I tried the 16 days fast and detox program, I also lost 15 pounds! My sleeping difficulty was cured, and I am feeling lighter and more active, a result of a cleaner liver. When I have myself checked , fatty liver was gone, including the attendant pain in the liver area. The Ananda Marga Wellness Center natural healing system is proven to be more effective than the medicines and weight loss methodologies I have tried in the past.