Having lived and worked at the city used to take a toll on my health. I had allergies, dysmenorrhea and monthly flu. In my 20’s, I was generally vulnerable to any disease. A great deal of research from topical products to fad diets had been done but was still experiencing the same cycle. Somewhere in my mind I know there is a solution, but could not derived a layout on how to do it.

Positive changes arrived when a relative reintroduce me to Ananda Marga Wellness Center 3yrs ago. There was a fulfillment due the simple, natural, systematic and highly effective system I now called the “The Cure-for-All Program”.

P.S. I was able to convince my father who was diagnosed with diabetes to enjoy the same program last summer. Few months after applying what he had learned from the Wellness Center, my father is now insulin-free. Miracle works if you work for