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Our hall upstairs is also for yoga classes and group meditation.

Our unique dome shape structure is designed to harness positive energy that greatly helps in healing and recovery.

Situated in a normal Cebu neighborhood, the Center is in a village with mostly dirt roads. Even though it is only a few minutes away from the city, there is a small number of goats and cows grazing in the empty lots across the street and nearby. The houses are a mix of well-to-do and wooden huts.
We are also just 20 to 30 minutes drive away from Cebu’s famous beaches. If you like, we can help you arrange a trip to nearby tourist spots.


Our garden and lawn is a good place to have mud pack, sunbathe and other treatments. It is also ideal for fun activities and games. Though our property is small it is rich in foliage and vegetation.


A cozy dinning area to have a relax feeling during meal time. The open kitchen is where cooking classes are held to teach students vegetarian cooking.