my profile picHi, I’m Shiila.  More than a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Right from the start, I never opted to choose the conventional treatment due to the deaths of my late husband, Cesar, who died of colonme and ate beckCesar cancer, and my sister, Becky, who died of breast cancer.

They both weren’t spared by the horrible process of surgery and chemotherapy.  So, I thought and questioned, what will spare me from suffering the same fate?

I carefully analyzed my case and figured that I didn’t want to go through the same procedures as they did.  After I sought for a second opinion at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City, I then decided that I will opt for a natural treatment.  As to where, I had no idea.

It was a new friend who suslideimage1ggested that I go to Cebu at the Ananda Marga Wellness Center for a treatment saying that I will be cured 200%.  There was a tone of exaggeration I sensed but I was in for anything.

In the center,  I instantly liked the quiet atmosphere and felt the semblance of a retreat house which I much needed then.  I greeted two Australian ladies at breakfast who were IMG_56801finishing their month-long program.  I learned from one of them that it was her fourth time in four years to be in the center.   Nice thoughts entertained me that I almost forgot about the fear I carried.  The fruit platter made me feel like I was on a vacation.

 breaking the fast fruit meal 2   The sessions of treatments began and I was thrilled at the “newness” of the experience considering that they were as ordinary as sunbathing, IMG_9839 mudbathG12, yoga, and meditation.IMG_9831Food was as appetizing that everdetox-salady next meal was looked forward to.   I had quite a busy schedule everyday with relaxing activities and one of the best things that happened was weight loss.  It was amazing how my size just shrunk as the days went by just by mere “relaxing”.

It was important that I learned everything about the new healthy lifestyle because I would be left on my own as I get out of the center.  I’m glad they taught me cooking lessons on food that was good for me.IMG_01361

How can I forget the staff who were clothed with warmth and compassion, who took care of me in everything.  It would’ve been doubly difficult emotionally and physically if it weren’t for them.

P1020160Finally, to top the list of good things that happened to me in the center was gaining confidence and courage to face my life with a newfound purpose which is to share my experience and use my energy to help people find hope and strength to deal with their dreadful medical conditions.  There is, indeed, hope in cancer if people make the right choices.  I’m glad I did.

I am currently the Marketing Manager of Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Center in Mandces pic at cultural nightaue, Cebu, Philippines.