Working in the field of marketing and a single mom is quiet stressful. You have to juggle your time between office work, meetings, further studies and family. It came to a point that stress took a toll on my health. I had to take prescription medicines for my sinusitis, migraine and other problems I felt that is already slowly getting into my system. But I don’t want to swallow too much of the prescription drugs because of its side effects so I tried alternative medicines and the holistic approach.

One time, I was hospitalized for an indescribable body pain. The medicines did not help in alleviating the pain I felt and quite a number of lab tests were taken to determine the cause. The doctor ruled the illness as fibromyalgia. On the 3rd day of my stay at the hospital, I asked my doctor to release me from the hospital and carry on my recuperation at home.

I tried acupuncture and after the 1st session, I was relieved of all the body pain and felt better. I am determined to continue my holistic plan. After a thorough research on fruit juice cleansing, I tried it at home for a couple of days. Since I wanted to have a more rigid cleansing therapy, I researched about wellness centers and what they offer but they were out of Cebu and quite expensive. I researched more until I come across Ananda Marga Yoga. I enrolled in their beginners yoga and meditation class which really helped a lot specially in my breathing ( I have difficulty in breathing).

I enrolled in a 3 day weekend retreat at Ananda Marga Wellness Center. I was evaluated by a medical staff prior to starting my program. Each student has its own program based on his complain and the evaluation from the medical team. After my program was prepared, I was all set for my comprehensive holistic treatment from dawn to dusk. I had hip bath for my lower back pain and sinusitis, colon cleansing, mud pack which I really love, yoga , prayer and meditation and of course my fruit juice detox plan. After I completed the 3 day cleansing plan, I felt like a new person, full of energy and ready to face the daily challenges in life.

I even brought my mom and my daughter for a couple of sessions. This is like our way of bonding too, putting mud on our bodies for that relaxing mud pack. I had the chance to work abroad as a secretary to one of the Princesses in Saudi Arabia. Lifestyle is quite different from what I am used to in Cebu and is quite a challenge. I do some of treatments I learned from Ananda Marga to keep me going. And every time I go home for my vacation, I try to squeeze into my schedule a visit to the wellness center.