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Located on the tropical island of Cebu, Philippines, AM Wellness is a detox health center (also called a natural health farm or natural health resort) using holistic healing and natural therapy to overcome disease and achieve total health and well-being. We also teach our students the keys to life-long health through the practice of yoga, meditation and vegetarian diet.

Rather than use the word “patient”, we prefer to call the people who come here “students” because they are here not only to be cured but also to experience how to remain healthy and disease-free for the rest of their lives.

Our naturopathy treatment courses run between 2 days and 4 weeks or more, and include juice fasting detoxification, raw food and other cleansing diets, herbal colonic cleansing, mud/water/sun therapies, water cleansing, alternative medicines, and exercise. These are complemented by music, art, classes, outings and games.

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