I had a wonderful experience at AM wellness center. Before I went there, I thought treatments were going to be uncomfortable. But I was wrong, not only that I enjoyed  them, I felt at home. All the staff were friendly and  cheerful, because of them I felt so much at home .After treatments at the wellness center, one  word to describe how I feel now, REBORN. Never had I feel so  good, fresh and full of energy after so many years. I have learnt and adopted a healthy lifestyle. I am stronger physically and mentally no


Because I suffered from severe sinusitis, I followed 100% fruit diet for several days, followed by a normal diet with a high proportion of fruits and vegetables, leading to complete relief of my condition.

Francisco L. Fernandez
Cebu City Administrator; President, Pagtambayayong Foundation

Eight years ago it was expected that my life would soon be cut short due to having thyroid cancer. But then I began natural treatment with Dadas help. My health radically improved. As a result I continue having a fulfilling life as the head of a very busy NGO.

Anna Marie Rellin-Ngolaban
Executive Director FORGE, (Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors, Inc.), Cebu

My stay in Wellness Center was very successful! My stomach pain due to acidity which I continuously had for several years disappeared and also the severe fungus disorder in my intestines>. Dada Dharma is so good to be able to locate the main cause of my health problem. There are bacteria in my kidneys. Fasting was important to clean all toxins. I did it for 14 days. The other therapies improved me a lot. The mud pack removed the toxins from my body.

Now I can eat nicely. My sleep is very good. I do not feel tired anymore when I wake up. I found the way how to maintain good digestion and in general, better health. Thanks to the universe who guided me to the wellness center.

Denise Flesch, 60
Psycho-spiritual Healer, France

After vigorous labor 60-hour weeks, I feel completely rejuvenated! As a gourmet chef, I have been rated among the 500 top chefs of the world. I tell this because I consider the wellness center vegetarian cuisine to be world-class. It is very tasty and not boring at all. The use of seasoning was great. Amazing, as nothing is fried. Regarding my only benefit, I lost lots of ugly weight, and prepared myself for the heavy-weight-lifting competition of my life, in which a few months later I got the national gold medal. Thank you!

John Cline, 44
Gourmet Chef, New York City

I had cyst in my hand with so much pain. I didn’t regularly go to the toilet, even for 5 days. I had back and chest pain. I now have good body waste disposal, no back pain, no chest pain, and the cyst is now meaningless no more pain!

Alfredo Inoc, 50
Fisherfolk, Bohol

For some years I had bloating, digestive problems, fatigue, skin rashes, gas, itches, physical weakness, joint pains and acne. I have had relief in all of these areas. The positive and spiritual environment in the Center was very good for my all-round health. The treatments are done carefully and systematically, and I felt well taken care of.

Didi Sananda, 32
Yoga Teacher & Social Worker, Taiwan
I was suffering from Hashimoto inflammation of the thyroid glands, stomach problems, and loss of hair. Now the bad feelings in my stomach are gone, and I feel healthy!

Silke Weber, 38
Social Worker, Germany
I was suffering from indigestion and hyperacidity. Through following Dadas program, my cholesterol level has gone down; the gas pain associated with overeating and eating meat and other symptoms of excessive uric acid were eliminated. I was also overweight but lost 8 pounds within 12 days.

Rolando Roy S De Los Santos
Businessman, Cebu
I had liver problems and severe constipation. After only 7 days of treatment I felt 100% better. I have no more pain in my liver and no more constipation. I feel an inner peace and balance that Ive never experienced before.

Thomas Stanley
Retiree, USA
Before beginning naturopathic treatment, I was overweight, had high blood pressure, hardening in my chest, difficulty in swallowing solid foods, and pain in my chest, joints and lower back. Through the treatment I lost weight and cured all of my health problems.

Ramon Ramos
Merchant, Bohol
I had a difficult-to-break addiction to a narcotic drug. By learning and practicing AM Wellness systems, I have freed myself from a crippling problem.

Manager of a large multi-national corporation project
I had digestive problems, insomnia and frequent general weakness. Now I feel much more vigorous and better in every way.

Mel Barton
Engineer, England
I had very bad eczema — skin trouble on my face. By emphasizing fruits & veggies, drinking plenty of water, practicing yoga, and avoiding sugar, my skin has cleared up! And my feeling of well-being very much increased.

Stephanie Honrado
Branch Manager, Banco de Oro, Manila
For months I had dry cough & nasal congestion. I tried a full regimen of antihistamines & antibiotics, but nothing worked. After a few days of starting yoga, my cough ceased, and my nasal passages cleared!

Padma Siap
Training Director, Arts Magnate, Education Advisor for Phil-Am Foundation of US Consulate, Cebu
I had high cholesterol, body fats, tendonitis, high blood pressure and constipation. My body responded beautifully to the detoxification and all the treatments. I lost a lot of weight, my skin, eyes and face are clearer and smoother. And am now off all my medications and I am so happy that I could claim now that I am healthy! I will definitely continue to eat fruits and vegetables.

Lilia Lim, 54
Business Woman, Ilo-Ilo City
I had poor digestion, gas and bloated, arthritis in knees, back, and hands. Before arriving, it was very difficult to walk because of pain. In the wellness center, my difficulty in walking gradually disappeared, until I was walking beautifully without any pain! I have now a very good sleep and I lost unnecessary weight. Im really becoming more flexible. I can now stretch without knee pain like before. The therapies are very effective. Thank you for helping my sick body and mind to heal. I am deeply touched by your loving care. I am now prepared to lead a healthier and more joyous life.

Georgiana W. Brennen, 74
Masseusse, Alaska, USA
I had problem with my digestion due to my weak liver with nodules in it, and sticky colon with constipationand gas in my stomach. These problems somehow affected my thyroid (cysts in both lobes), my breast (nodules) and my general health. I also had anemia. After some treatment, for the first time in years I woke up feeling light, no gas and so alive. Some dark spots on my face faded away too.

I did 11 days of liquid fasting. Now I feel great and strong all the time. I do my meditation with much concentration because my stomach is so light and peaceful. Now that I am back home, at the end of my work everyday, I do not feel tired like before. 3 days ago, I noticed that the big lump in my left armpit is almost gone! The small spots (pigmentation) in my face are slowly dying out which facial cream could not remove. I am very happy that I did this treatment as soon as I could. I enjoyed my stay and had a wonderful time in the wellness center.

Didi Anandakrpa, 44
Kindergarten Principal, Helsinki, Finland
I had stiff neck, high cholesterol and constipation. Being in the wellness center gave my body very good effects, I feel great! I am getting better and better. As I will continue my fruit and veggie diet, I will be completely healed.

Ma. Esperanza Chan, 56
Business Woman, Ilo-Ilo City
I am so relieved. For 15 long years I have been using pills for my gut, heart burn, acidity, gas. But now I have finished with all those pills!

Bronson Speirs, 50
I suffered from very serious sinusitis and general lethargy. For over 15 years I could not breathe normally, in fact most of the time I could not breathe through my nose at all. Now finally my nose is clear, and it is continually amazing to me how fresh air feels!

Audrey Flierman,46
Teacher, Australia
“Walk their talk… Holistic healing in their hearts”

What most impressive about the Anada Marga Wellness Center (AMWC) in Cebu, is not just the simple holistic naturopathy healing therapies nor the daily wellness programs of yoga, kirtan & meditation, nutrition guidance, detoxing process, cozy homey accomondations and more.

What strikes me the most to my core, is the human spirit by the AMWC team (and Dada too!) who walks their talks as they shower you with care and love. It’s the human touch that makes the difference, from the other detox centers scattered worldwide across budgets and locality.

Being a big fan of spiritual practices, my daily thrice kiirtan singing and meditation is undoubtingly my FAVOURITE activity everyday, followed by the daily twice Yoga led by Jodi (Joanna) who impresses beyond her age. And of course, everyday thrice, I’m impressed by the musical talents and singing vocals of the entire AMWC team as individuals took turns to lead the kirtan sessions, armed with either the guitar, drums or musical bells. (YES – they are that good; if not, be there to witness it for yourself!).

I thank them for giving me the second lease of hope in cleansing my body, soul and heart since last Aug 2012, as I prepared for my journey ahead. They were the folks who inspired me to change my diet to predominantly a plant-based raw/vegan/vegetarian diet so that I too, can walk my talk of mind body and soul as One.

Yes, I may be just one of the many students they had since but these kind folks sure left deep footprints in my heart. ♥

Sim Wei Shan

thigh painsinability to sleep due to breathing blockage, and mood swings troubled me. After just over 2 weeks, my moods became stable, leg pains subsided and sinusitis was relieved to the point that I could sleep undisturbed for the first time ever in my life!

Elijah Speirs, 11
Student, Australia
I weighed 182 lbs. but now, I am 166 lbs. I lost 12 kg. I had intermittent pains in my joints – hips and knees. Now, all these pains disappeared. My urine and cholesterol level was abnormal, and is now normal. And now, no problem with gas and acidity.

Majid Lalji, 60
Businessman, Canada
I cut my hypothyroidism medication into half and hopefully will cut it to a quarter, and then zero. Other good side-effects are good skin and energy level.

Hamida Lalji, 56
Homemaker, Canada
For many years, I had constant back pain and, several times, tried to give up smoking. Within a few weeks of beginning to practice yoga and a healthy diet, my back pain ceased and I stopped smoking. That was more than a year ago and I feel healthier now than ever.

Haley Atienza
National Coordinator of PHILSSA (Partnership of Phil. Support Service Agency), Manila

 on my body and scalp after 15 days fasting and colema & mud pack these 3 treatments really had good and immediate effect on my skin. Affected area recovered 80%. Colds, menstruation problems, constipation, sneezing now no more.

Lee Poh Har, 30
Life Insurance Agent, Malaysia
felt dizzy, I had sinusitis, weak eyes and my blood pressure was high. All of these are gone. I lost 7kg too.

Saudie L. Uttuh, 34
Electrician, Roxas City
I had intermittent coughing with phlegm and relapsing fever. In just a few days treatment, my fever was gone. I am having a good digestion. My coughing gradually disappeared.

Shirley Olivar Aregidon, 31
Cebu City

I often experienced back pain due to sitting long hours in the office everyday. This is felt most significantly during night, making my sleep delayed. Lately, Ive been sleeping easily and soundly (my back doesn’t hurt anymore).

Mina Daragana, 25
Office Clerk, Cebu City
I used to have skin irritationsknee pains and slight depression. Now my body and mind is getting lighter and my skin irritations are gone.

Jean Rapunzel Arnaldo, 20
Cebu City
I had constipationpimples and sweaty/cold feet. Now my digestion became good. My pimples are healing and I seldom notice cold feet.

Josephine S. Valle, 29
Registered Nurse, Cebu City
Before, I used to get four times a week asthma attack. But now I only get very rare asthma attack. It is only when I am over stressed. I also stopped taking the heavy medicines I used before.

Daphne D. Villanueva, 38
Social Development Worker, Cebu City
Severe cramps in menstruation and I had dysmenorrhea. I also felt weak and always tired. Now I feel energetic every day. No more menstrual problems except when I don’t do my yoga exercises!

Hermie Tubang, 28
Secretary, Dawin Negros Oriental

I had Breast Mass. After a few days treatment the tumor became much smaller, so I am sure this treatment works. Very unfortunately, my family and others strongly pressured and forced me to have an operation.

Janet Lagua, 28
Banker, Cebu City
I was suffering from migraine, back problems, weight increase and stress. My migraine and back problems very much diminished. I lost weight and I can now manage my stress and anxiety.

Edna Alegado, 43
Government Employee, Talisay Cebu
I always had cough and diarrhea. My body was weak and tired. I had a constant guilty conscience. Goodbye to all my symptoms. I am now healthy and have no problem.

Honorio Baculao, 45
Social Devt. Worker, Bohol
I had insomniafelt heavy and was hot tempered. Now I can sleep early and well, I became calm and patient, and can easily deal with problems. I am also much active now!

Mayette Zira E. Normandia, 25
Government Employee, Cebu City
Not feel tired. Even though food is very simple, have plenty of energy. Without my usual medicines I dont have problems as I used to with gastric and high blood pressure. Now no problem with runny nose. And I very nicely lost unneeded weight!

See Kia Hong, 43
Account Manager, Selangor, Malaysia
I feel much better. It is because of care and love I felt while here in wellness center. Ill miss this place. My daily cold feet got less and less, now seems to have stopped. Ive become very comfortable especially during meditation.

Rachmanwarty Ong, 36
Housewife, Indonesia
I feel very good. Increased energy. Before I was always sleepy, not now. I never used to do art, so that was really special for me. And also laughing yoga! I didnt know my body and my feelings before. But now, I am starting to understand it and I love it. Its a pity, I cannot stay longer. I only had 12 days. Staying longer would have been much better. And I loved the evening walks with Dada.

Burhan Gunawan Kosidin, 41
Even though I fasted many days with only juice, I didn’t feel tiredness. My body feels much lighter and comfortable. I am very happy how I could develop with my flexibility in practicing yoga. Problems with acidityhas stopped. Also lost weight that I wanted to!

Lee Moy Kim, 43
Account Manager, Malaysia

(Mr Gunther wanted to provide a full-fledged article-style testimonial, so here it is!)

Health Spa Resort Holiday
These words conjure up idyllic sandy beaches or forested surrounds. The Ananda Marga Wellness centre has none of these pretentions. It is situated in a humble provincial-feeling village of Cebu, untroubled by any traffic — kids play on the dirt road outside, cows and goat wander in the public green space, frogs and crickets sing together, and sometimes you can hear people singing at the kareoke a few streets down.
What is different about this place is firstly its ethos. It is a service project of Ananda Marga, and its non-profit values are immediately apparent in the low price – inclusive of 3 well prepared meals, a private room/suite, health treatments, and individual consultation time.

The centre is the vision of founder and maverick yogi, Dada Dharmavedananda. As well as ensuring the smooth running of the place, he also provides information sessions, personal consultations, and a manifest spiritual presence. He combines fresh enthusiasm with a deep calm, and brings 20 years of experience in natural remedies to the centre. He has worked as a meditation and yoga teacher for 35 years, mostly in South-East Asia.

The centre has several outstanding features. The first is the treatments. No gimmicks here, no fancy or expensive health medicines. Its all about diet, lifestyle, state of mind, and internal cleanliness of the body. These are worked with in a gentle way, yet the effects are often remarkable. The varied water, mud and sun treatments are wonderful. Thousands of people have benefited from Dada’s guidance; most have achieved lasting cures from a wide range of diseases and conditions. Another notable aspect of a visit here is the mood. The atmosphere has an ashram-like quality. There is a tranquility in the air which brings peace to the soul. Open meditation sessions are held four times daily, and yoga sessions twice daily — to which guests are invited. This is a place to truly unwind, de-stress and get healthy.

Its great for individuals, and couples can also consider this an excellent thing to do together. The combination of health, healing, unhurried time and peaceful surrounds are wonderful for bringing harmony into a relationship. There are also outings as people desire it, and beautiful local beaches to visit if you want to catch the white sand! The set-up is casual – you determine how long you want to stay. Pickups are arranged from the airport, which is an hour flight from Manila. This is really something to consider for your next holiday time.

My wife and I had a really good experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Stephen Gunther
Author and Trainer of Gestalt-psychology Therapists, Australia

I had a successful stay at the center. Symptoms of my Arthritis on my knees and shoulder improved a lot. Mobility is very lax and have done work-outs I have never done before. Doing yoga postures will be my standard daily thing and my cardio. The center’s program is already proven and tested. The Staff are nice. Very solicitous on your needs. Make me feel like at Home right away. Colema is refreshing I’ll do it again and promise myself for a follow up.

Jose Alberto “Bing” Sanchez
Before coming to Ananda Marga Wellness Center, I thought I was leading a relatively healthy life but kept feeling ill with fatigue, colds, sinusitis and abdominal pains. During my stay here, I had more energy than ever, but most importantly, have learn so much about leading to a healthier lifestyle. I arrived as a vegetarian already but leave with the goal of turning vegan. The wellness center is a true blessing in disguise. I’m now in touch with my spiritual being and can now continue along the path. I know I was destined to follow. A big thank you to each and every one of the amazing first class staff who accepted me in to their family for the most rewarding 12 days I’ve ever had.

Elisabeth Rayner
Last 2 months, the doctor said that I had Osteoporosis. After 21 days of stay here in Ananda Marga Wellness Center, I did 10 days liquid fasting and now I feel great and very light. My stomach is very clean, I am sure, as far as I continue to follow this system, my health will continue to improve and don’t have to take medicines for Osteoporosis. All the staff here are so good and professional. They have helped me a lot.

Maria Lambrou Alexandrou
Bowel movement improved. Before, I only have one or even no bowel movement in a day. Now I have at least 2 times a day. I also observed that I had a lymph node when I entered the center, now it’s totally gone.

Juvena Antiporta
Development Worker