Q1: How many days do I need to stay at the Center?
A1:If you have no special problems and want a basic detox, minimal stay is 12 days. If you have long-term chronic problems, plan to stay at least 3 weeks. If you have a very serious life-threatening condition or very complicated symptoms, plan to stay at least 4 to 5 weeks. For those who only want an introduction, we offer a 2-day course called “Introduction to Yoga & Natural Healing”; and a 7-day course called “Introduction to Detoxification”.

Q2: What do we need to bring when we come to check-in at the Center?
A2: Besides your normal clothes, please bring swimming wear, short easy to wash clothes(for mudpacks), walking or running shoes, clothes in which you’re comfortable to play games and practice yoga, outdoor walking or beach sandals, and personal reading books (though we have a good library). You may or may not want to bring house slippers, wash-towel(we provide towels), hat and sunglasses. The Center provides full bedding, so there is no need to bring sheets or blankets etc.

Q3: Should I bring my medicines with me to the Center?
A3: Yes, please bring whatever medicines you are currently using. We will decide after you get here which medicines to continue using in what quantity. Usually we encourage new students to go on using their medicines while simultaneously undergoing therapy here. Then gradually they may feel less need for those medicines, diminish the dosage, and after some time they usually stop the chemical medicines.

Q4: Which airlines fly directly into Cebu International Airport? and how to get to the Center from the airport?
A4: You can fly directly into Cebu International using Malaysia Airlines (via Kuala Lumpur), Singapore Airlines–locally called Silk Airlines (via Singapore), Qatar Airlines (via Doha), Philippine Airlines, Korean Air (via Korea), Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong), Cebu Pacific Airlines, Mandarin Airlines (via Taipei), or Asiana Airlines (via Seoul). There are also many airlines which fly into Manila International Airport, and from there you can take a one-hour flight to Cebu Domestic Airport. Cebu Airport is very near to the Wellness Center, and we have a number of on-call taxi drivers prepared to fetch our students at the airport for only 350 pesos.

Q5: Does the Center accept credit card payment?
A5: At present we are not accepting credit card payment.

Q6: What about changing my currency into Philippine pesos?
A6: There is not a very big difference in rates if you change your own currency at home into pesos. But if you want the very best rate, better to change your own currency into US dollars or Euro, and then when you are in Cebu you will change your dollars or Euro into pesos. Other currencies can also be changed, but their rate is slightly inferior.

Q7: How’s the weather in Cebu?
A7: We are not very far from the equator, so weather is tropical. Although it is often hot and a little humid, our students almost always seem quite comfortable. For those who feel the need, several of our student-rooms have quiet split-air-conditioning systems, for a slight extra charge.

Q8: Can students in the Center access the internet?
A8: Yes, we are using wireless broadband. If your laptop is not set-up for wireless, then you may want to buy a wireless adapter. Our office also has a desktop which we can sometimes make available for student use. Otherwise, there are internet centers near by.

Q9: What’s the electricity voltage & plug-type in the Philippines?
A9: The Philippines generally uses 220 volts at 60 Hz with U.S. style flat blade attachment plugs (symetric). If you come from North-America, using 110-120 volts, 60 Herz, your plugs will fit, but you will have to make sure that your equipment can handle the voltage, which is twice as high as at home. Some equipment (such as modern lap-tops) can automatically detect and adjust to the higher voltage, other equipment will need to be manually adjusted, often with a small switch on the back. If you come from Europe, using 220-240 volts, 50 Herz, so the voltage will match, but not the plugs. Flat blade attachment plugs can be bought at any hardware shop.

Q10: Are students permitted to go outside the Center?
A10: Sure. There is time for visits to the beaches, sight-seeing, and shopping as you like.

Q11: How safe will it be to stay at the Center? How safe are the streets of Cebu?
A11: Although the Philippines has its share of security problems, fortunately there is an absolutely no terrorism history in Cebu. All such problems are localized far away in the south or the north. Cebu is a peaceful city, well known as a major vacation and business center. Of course everywhere in the world you may find petty thieves, so minimal care should always be maintained.

Q12: What is the visa situation?
A12: Citizens from most economically developed countries receive free automatic 30-day tourist visa on arrival, it is only needed to show on-going flight ticket. If one stays more than 30 days, it is easy to extend the visa in the nearby immigration office. Those coming from economically undeveloped countries should check in the Philippines embassy website about visa requirements for people coming from their countries, i.e. it may be needed to secure visa before coming here.

Q13: Should I prepare for electrical black-outs?
A13: Black-outs (here called brown-outs) do happen occasionally — perhaps once in a month or two. Usually they only last a few hours or less. Generally everyone adjusts without great inconvenience.

Q14: How will I do my laundry while staying in the Center?
A14: We provide an in-house daily laundry service for a very minimal fee.

Q15: What is Ananda Marga?
A15: “Ananda Marga” means the Path of Blissful Being. It is the largest yoga organization in the world. It teaches non-sectarian practical techniques. It gives equal importance to social work as to self-development. AM has thousands of permanent service projects, including children’s homes & schools, medical centers, farmers’ cooperatives, long-term catastrophe relief, etc.

Q16: Does it matter that I am not a member of Ananda Marga?
A16: It has no importance. In fact most of the students who check in to the Wellness Center are not members of AM. Of course it is important that you have the willingness to try all of our therapies, including yoga and meditation. At the same time, you don’t need to worry that you will be asked to do any therapy which is too difficult for you, as such difficulty would obstruct rather than support healing.

Q17: What are the rates to stay and receive treatments at the Center?
A17: We prefer to discuss our very-affordable-financial policy only by phone because personal situations differ. Please call us. Or if you email us your phone numbers and best times to call, then we will be happy to call you to answer this and all sorts of other questions that you may have.